Migrants- Hidera


Family Name: Karamihalis
Name: Ioannis  
1945- 1973
Father's Name: Loukas (Hidera)
Mother's Name:   Chrysanthi (Hidera)
Siblings:  Gavriil, Hariklia (Dede), Panagiotis, Georgios, Stella, Evangelos
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1964
Sponsor:    Hariklia Dedes (his sister) 
Married: Mersini Kougiou (Vatousa) 
Children:  Loukas, Pavlos
City of Residence: Sydney



Above: His parents, Loukas and Chrysanthi, with his siblings, Gavriil and Hariklia. 

Above Middle: With a friend; Ioannis is on the right. 

Above Right: Having fun with friends at Nea Makri, Athens, Ioannis is the buried one. 


Above: Working as a carpenter on the building sites in Athens. Ioannis is third from left; he began working on sites from the age of twelve. 

Above Middle: In the Army during his National Service. 

Above Right: In Sydney in the mid- 1960's. 


Above: Dancing with his cousin, Ioannis Karamihalis. 

Above Middle: A portrait of his brother, Panagiotis. 

Above Right: Dancing with his fiance at the time, Mersini Kougiou. 


Above: At his engagement party with his sister, Hariklia, and her husband, Loukas, and his fiance, Mersini.

Above Right: With his wife, Mersini, and their children, Pavlos and Loukas. 

Above: With his brother, Georgios.